Why Stellar Could Be the Next Cryptocurrency to Go Huge

Cryptocurrency will rule the banking system in the upcoming years for sure. If you observe the rapid price increase of bitcoin, will get a little idea how the things are changing. Digital currency has several benefits that more people are investing in it. Also, there are new digital currency developers are launching new platforms. This is a blockchain system, and no one has full control of the currency.

Most of the people only know about bitcoin, but Stellar is another digital currency which will get huge popularity in the future. The reason behind the cause is, this currency is giving some unique facilities for its owners. Experts are saying that this cryptocurrency will go huge. So, invest in Stellar will be a great decision for your life. Here I have discussed the important factors why this will be a big thing in the crypto market.

1. Dedicated Team

The first thing I can mention about stellar is its developer team. The co-founder Jed McCaleb has chosen the updated technology for the currency. He has a vast experience in the field. So, he has included all the things that users will love. The developer team uses the most upgraded algorithm for the stellar. Though the currency launched in 2014, it already has got huge popularity because of its smart algorithm.

2. Liquidity

In most of the new cryptocurrencies, when you have a token, you need to depend on a third party. But, with the stellar, you don’t have to rely on a third party for the exchange. Stellar’s built-in distributed exchange helps to solve the issue. It allows you to list your token yourself as you issue it. Token issuers can customize tokens to consumer protection, satisfy securities, and AML controlling requirements.

3. Performance

In stellar, you don’t have to be so rich for the investment. It is significantly cheaper and faster than other digital currencies such as Ethereum. Also, it takes only one cent to make 100,000 transactions on Stellar which is not possible in other digital currencies.

4. Security

It has a limited system for smart contracts limits potential to write exploitable code to ensure the safety of user’s investment. In other cryptocurrencies, there is a good chance that hacker can take control of your wallet. But there is no such kind of drawbacks in stellar.

5. Ease of Use

There is no hassle to launch a token on stellar. You can create a simple token within an hour. For the complicated tokens, it may take one to two days. You don’t have to hire an expensive smart developer team for the creation of token. Simple programming knowledge is enough for it.

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