ParaDon Books to the Future of Hybrid Publishing

In the past, getting your book published used to be a very difficult task, not only because you have to be accepted by a publisher, but also because of the many things that you have to do for the manuscript to be a consider a book. And those include typing, proofreading, editing, querying, and then praying that the blood and sweat you put into your novel pay out.

Then, e-Publishing revolution launched with programs like Amazon Kindle and others like it that changed the publishing ground forever.

The e-Publishing revolution alleviates the stress of being accepted by a publishing house, but introduces the new problem of independent writers becoming their own marketer and designer, mostly at their own expense.

What traditional publishes lack (independence, high royalty, sales stats etc.), e-Publishing covers. And what e-Publishing lacks (editors, designers, PR etc.), traditional publisher covers. Leaving a big loophole in between for writers to choose and decide.

ParaDon Book Publishing is putting an end to all of that, because of the FREE provisions that are readily available to their authors via the network. Assistance that will cover every loop-holes in today’s publishing business.

This company is brand new, and looking for a lot of exceptional stories to catalog.

Also available to ParaDon Books Authors and Bloggers

ParaDon Books is making a stride in the book publishing world by introducing the first ever fully automated website aimed at solving every writer’s dream of making residue incomes outside of their regular shifts. This new practice is putting every other publishing house (old, new or small) to shame by solving and putting an end to all of their publishing loopholes.

ParaDon Books Publishing integrative system allow online users (writers, editors, marketers, graphic designers, and other publishers) to congregate professionally on meritable projects that are guaranteed to satisfy their public audience.

Facebook was the first in this new era to produce such automation of online public relations and marketing, followed by Uber, Airbnb, and others. Now, the system has shifted to the book publishing field thanks to ParaDon Books Publishing, just as WordPress has become the haven to millions of online bloggers.

Imagine having the capability of using interactive programs like as Salesforce, Facebook, Canva, WordPress, ClickBank,, and Scribd, all in one unit. That’s exactly what ParaDon Books Publishing provides, with its unifying directories, and the first ever fully automated publishing app that they’ve designed and published for Android, iPhone, and Windows users.

In short, ParaDon Books authors would have the full commodities that every other publisher provides and lack, which leaves the question of, ‘why would any modern writer want to be self-published, when there’s a program like ParaDon Books?’.

ParaDon Books Publishing has announced its opening to writers of fiction and nonfiction genres; horror, romance, sci-fi, action/adventure, mystery, suspense, thriller, erotica, urban-lit, chick-lit, experimental, hard-boiled, espionage, regional, fantasy, western, Africa, Afro-American, poetry-chapbook, short-stories, graphic novel, young adult, ethnic, how-to, inspirational, memoir, historical, religion, controversy, and true crimes.

If you are a novice writer or an independent author who want your story published or re-publish without adhering to traditional methods of disapprovals and neglections, then ParaDon Books Publishing is the best option for you.

With this publisher, you will have a better chance of getting your book widely noticed and become profitable. You do not need to spend the money outside of your writing time to satisfy your publishing goal. If your writing has a merit, ParaDon Books will give it the notoriety it deserves.

Electronic submission is only allowed through the company’s website,

It’s best to send a query letter first ( ), before sending a proposal package.

All proposal package should include a query letter, synopsis, bio, and the first 50 pages of the manuscript, submitted in a PDF format, to

Anyone may chat with the ParaDon Books agents directly on their HOMEPAGE using the Facebook Messenger icon. They are quick to respond.

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