7 Tips to Turn Your Brain Into an Idea Factory

Do you know that the behind the scene of every successful business is the brain storming? Most of the businessman has become successful only because of a simple idea. Though it’s hard to believe that everyone is born creative, it the truth.

But the success depends on the utilization of your brain. There are different ways to generate ideas. Here I am going to share some cool ways to make your brain an idea factory.

1. Keep and Session for Brainstorming

The best idea is to follow a particular period in your daily life to generate some unique ideas. It can be any part of the day. Just make sure that you are staying stress-free and there are no additional tensions in your mind. Continue the process, and you will notice the change in you.

2. Gather New Experience

Whenever you get a chance for getting a new experience, don’t miss it. You never know which experience can change your life. It can be anything. Or, you can also follow your interests to get new ideas. You can attend some seminars on your interests. Don’t be confused about new things. Take everything quickly.

3. Start an Idea Notebook

Just remember how many times it happened with you that you have planned something new and after a few days, you have forgotten everything. This happens with most of the people. So, keep a small notebook in your pocket.

Whenever you get a new idea, just write down in that book. Though you can use some apps on your smartphone for this, keeping a notebook is more efficient.

4. Write 10 Ideas Every Night

Don’t feel shy to write down about your idea even it is so small. Maybe you think some ideas will not be successful, but who knows when it will work for you. So, write down at least ten ideas in every night. In the next day, just look at those points and think what you can do with those thoughts.

5. Surround Yourself with Creatives

It is true that your behavior depends on the people who are close to you. So, try to meet with new people with creativity. It will help you in different ways.

Sometimes they will give you a solution if you are jammed in one thing for a long time. Also, you can generate more concepts based on discussion with creative people.

6. Complete Tasks

Never keep your works pending. Otherwise, it will kill your power of idea generating. You can use an old fashioned to do list.

Or, you can also use to do list app on your phone. Completing tasks in the right time will give you more space to think about new things.

7. Stay Away from Electronics

During planning about a new thing, keep your electronic gadgets turn off. Even use a paper and pen to write down things. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you will waste your time on the internet for nothing.

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