Responsibilities of United States Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce

Founded in 1979, United States Hispanic chamber of commerce has always worked towards the betterment, progress, and prosperity of Hispanic Business Owners.

The chamber of commerce holds annual summits and conventions so that the business owners can interact with the elected officials as well as people from the fortune 100 for the growth of an economy and flourishing their business with the ultimate goal of progress for the United States of America.


There is approximately 4.37 million business in the United States of America that are Hispanic owned. These businesses contribute nearly 700 billion dollars to the economy of United States. The responsibility of United States Hispanic Chamber of commerce is to help these Hispanic owners get in touch with the elected official’s big corporate names of the world. As a result of these efforts by the chamber of commerce, there have been many big names in the Hispanic Industry who are working hard for the well being of Hispanic Community.

One of the most significant Latina-owned businesses in America is the Pinnacle group headed by Nina Vaca. She has been a role model for the Latinas and rather than being a part of the people who are trying to climb the corporate ladder she started her own business.

She has had the position of Director for three companies that are a part of Fortune 1000, and apart from that she also has honorary doctorates.One of her most notable achievements was becoming only the second women in three decades to be elected as the chairman of United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She has been a guiding beacon for other Latinas to take part in the in the organization’s board as well as give their valuable inputs and start their businesses.

She has been praised by former Chairman, Javier Palomarez as he calls her a pioneer and entrepreneur.

According to him, she has become an inspiration for Latinas, not only in America but all over the world. Rather than being remembered only as a successful person, she is very well known for her values.

United States Hispanic Chamber of commerce has always worked towards the betterment of their community, and fortunately, they have had the services of some fantastic entrepreneurs. Their untiring efforts have created a platform for the Hispanics to interact with the learned corporates and officials for the progress and growth of their business.

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