How To Legitimately Increase Email Subscribers Without Any Plugin

Before jumping to any conclusions of buying any WP Plugins, I would like you to know that this article only contains some quick ways on how to increase email subscribers naturally. This means that the ways discussed here do not require you to use ANY free or paid plugin such as WP Subscribers or similar.

Also, these methods do not guarantee results because the dependence on traffic, targeted readers, interested readers, social media base etc that a blog/site possesses.

So here are some quick ways to increase email subscribers with complete ‘natural’ practices – without the use of any plugin or service.

Offer Something – A Freebie, Maybe?

No one wants to join something without knowing the benefits of it, right? Same is the case with your email list. It is not easy to convince your readers to opt-in without letting them know about the benefits that they’re going to get when they fill up those 2 fields.

If you believe that you don’t have any quality to provide, please stop reading here and be sorry to yourself for ‘wasting’ your time to read the post till here.

What to Offer?

This question is often raised by many bloggers out there because hardly some bloggers have their own product which they could offer for free to the users who opt-in to your list. To increase email subscribers, you need to give something away. This can be your own product which you want to giveaway for free. Some bloggers often create such free products by themselves. A few examples of such products are –

eBooks – It can be a full ebook but a short one, or a part of a premium ebook which is quite long

Reports – Famous Bloggers have some great stats which they might want to show to their users, in return of a confirmed subscription.

Free Plugins – Not many do this, because of their niche. But it is yet an option. For example, I myself provide a free plugin on my WP Plugins site, and it is clearly seen on the sidebar.

Those were a few things you can offer your subscribers as a gift when they opt-in. The choice of products varies from site-to-site.

Create Eye-Catching Forms

You don’t need ANY knowledge of HTML or CSS codes to create eye-catching headlines for opt-in forms because nowadays, all email marketing services provide options to create beautiful looking web forms for you to insert anywhere on your blog, such as on the sidebar, footer, header etc.

I personally use and recommend using Aweber Email Marketing service, which starts at $1. Aweber’s Web-Form Builder is really easy to use and one can easily create stunning opt-in forms within minutes. Moreover, a user can easily integrate the created form anywhere they wish – such as on the sidebars, footers, headers etc.

The better the headlines of your forms, the higher chances it has to convert.

The Power Of Facebook

Facebook has always been a great help for millions of blog/site owners. Nowadays, email marketing services such as Aweber, Mailchimp etc provide the facility to put the opt-in forms on Facebook pages. This helps a lot to site owners. Assuming that you have a good fan base on your page, I can suggest you to make the proper use of the Facebook. The opt-in forms can be integrated into you Facebook page, from where the visitors can legitimately opt-in to your list. Hence, Facebook does help you increase email subscribers – for free!


As mentioned above that the above techniques do not require any plugin to be used. Hence, follow the tips efficiently and make the proper use of all the available resources and happily increase email subscribers on your blog without any plugin.

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