Direct Auto Insurance – The Shorter Way To Save $$

Majority of people believe that Direct Auto Insurance should be taken as a last resort once you’ve been denied all insurance policies. Primarily it’s given to high-risk drives that have less chance of getting insurance elsewhere. For people that are denied coverage due to poor-credit, at-fault crashes or other issues can also utilize this insurance policy.

However, let us have you in on a secret. Direct Auto Insurance is a policy that will save you quite a sum of money compared with other insurance policies. Also, you can simply get a direct auto insurance quote from any website quite easily.

Customizable Payment Option

With direct auto insurance, you’ll have different options for payment. From the time-frame to the mode of payment, you can choose what suits best for your particular needs. You can select the day of the month you want your auto insurance bill to be due. Also, you can pay via text-to-pay or branded kiosks as well.

How does it save Me Money?

Direct Auto Insurance saves you money if you do a little homework first. Bundle your cars and even your home together and compare the quotes with other similar insurance policies. You’ll see a major difference between the prices. Secondly, buying direct auto insurance will save you the cut that usually your broker or agent will take. You can simply go up to the website and ask for a quote from the company. It can potentially save you up to 40% which is quite a sum of money.

Special Discount Offers

Many auto companies are offering huge incentives to customers that pay upfront. This leads to a better pricing model for the potential customer and also cut the middleman in between. Companies can potentially market their business to the end consumer and focus on a more peer-to-peer marketing approach. The beauty of purchasing direct is that you can have multiple quotes from different auto insurance companies and select the one that suits best to your needs.

A quick tip is to take a safety driver test so that you are eligible for all the discount offers on purchasing direct auto insurance. You can avail discounts of 10-15% by being a little smart at your end. Also, in the end, you should e-sign your policy which will save you an extra $50 as well. So stop fearing to buy directly from companies as with due diligence, you can get a great deal for yourself.

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