How To Choose Pet Health Insurance

A couple of points to consider before you select pet health insurance for your pets:

1. Do they use a network or provider list?

Some insurance companies require that you choose a veterinarian within their network; this might mean changing the vet you have always had. If there is one, ask to see the list beforehand, so you know your options.

2. What are the exclusions?

Exclusions can be anything from heart disease to a once-broken leg. Make sure you understand the company’s exclusion policy.

3. What are your out-of-pocket expenses?

This includes both deductibles (the amount you are required to pay before the insurance kicks in) and co-pay (usually, a small payment made during office visits).

4. Are there limits or caps?

They can be incident caps, annual caps or lifetime caps. An incident cap means the company will only pay a certain amount per incident (such as a tooth extraction). An annual cap places yearly limits on how much the company will spend; these numbers are reset every year. A lifetime cap means the company will pay so much for your cat (or animal), period. After that, all your costs are out of pocket.

5. Are there policy options?

Some pet insurance companies only offer a single plan, while others are more tailored to different needs and expectations. Always ask and review different policy options.

6. Do they sweeten the pot?

Some companies offer special benefits for signing on. They might, for example, pay for property damage committed by your beloved or give discounts if you are insuring multiple pets.

Overall, make sure you thoroughly investigate any pet insurance policy offer. If you decide to make the commitment, choose a plan that fits you and your pet the best.

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