New To Blogging? Avoid These Things For Now

It is any new blogger’s dream to be on the top in the niche some day. Even today, many people join the blogging world just by reading those ebooks by successful bloggers. These new people often get inspired by the current successful ones, but they forget that they’re yet new to blogging. The successful ones have been through a lot of hardwork, dedication, failures (yes!) and much more.

The article should rather be taken personally because I’m assuming that you, the reader, are yet new to blogging and hence I’m addressing you with all the points mentioned here. Mentioned below are five things you should avoid as a newbie blogger.

Being The Multi-Tasker

Being new in the blogosphere, you might get some exciting engagement on your blog posts. This often happens as the ‘settled’ bloggers often welcome the new ones by leaving comments on the posts, sharing them around and make them feel that they have actually taken a great step.

The unseen problem here is that the new bloggers, being over-excited, often start a new blog in a different niche! That means that instead of excelling with the just-started blog, there’s already one more out there. Give it a break, and focus on what you’ve started rather than starting a new project.

Falling For Stupid Offers

Newbies are often offered offers which tend to ruin their blogging career. Some of such offers are the following.

Buying Twitter Followers

Buying Facebook Likes

Buying Traffic (the worst thing ever)

Exchanging Clicks On ads

Such offers look nice from far, but as you go near they are terrifying. It is strongly advised that you never fall for such offers. They might do good to you now, but will surely make you regret later.

Forceful Monetization

Most bloggers start a niche blog in order to make money blogging, which is a good thing as they do deserve it. But the problem is that the monetization part takes the highest priority instead of being the lowest. New blogs are often filled up with ads all around. Sidebars, Headers, In-Content, Footers etc. is hardly empty for the new blogs.

This is not a good practice, as quality speaks not the ads. You should always wait for the money. When it has to come, it will. You need to force it by putting the useless ‘magnets’ to attract the money.

Those were three basic things to avoid as a new blogger. Once you settle in the blogosphere, the following shall be the scenario.

Point Number 1 should be fine now – no issues!

You wouldn’t need to buy anything – as you’ll be getting it all!

Money shall flow towards you – for sure.

The above mentioned bullets shall take place once you become a so called successful blogger. Until then, you are new to blogging and don’t go for the mentioned points.

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