How To Increase Your Sales By Using Pinoffer?

Pinoffer is an analytics and retention platform for retailers and physical store owners. Pinoffer helps retail and store owners to send the right offer and discount to the people visited them last week or a month ago. It’s ads platform that focuses on Geo retargeting. Store owners can send the new offers just to the […]

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How You Can Get Affordable Tech Support For Your Small Business

Unlike large businesses who have dedicated IT support departments or at least one person hired full-time to solve all of the company’s tech-related problems, small businesses really can’t afford to follow this method for procuring IT support since it’s far too expensive. However, that doesn’t mean tech support isn’t a crucial requirement for these companies, […]

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Is Forex Trading Profitable Or Not?

Forex trading platform is considered as a decentralized worldwide market where traders and speculators exchange foreign currencies. Many platforms offer a range of leveraged currencies where it is possible to reap the higher returns from small movements. However, leverage is associated with high-risk trading that can even consequent into potential losses. Significant Strategy for Forex […]

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